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How Long Do Solar Lights Stay On At Night?

2010 February 12

solar-tulip-lights Solar lights nowadays come in many different shapes and beautiful styles. One can only imagine how many different types of solar powered lights are out there. If you want to decorate your outdoors then surely these are perfect lights to start out with.

If you actually do plan on getting solar lights then you must know all about them first. Initially, they get their energy from the sun. What does that tell us? It means that if there isn’t enough sunlight they will not have enough energy to light up at night. In other words, you have to be considerate and careful where you put your lights. If there isn’t enough sunlight in your area then they might not be the best option for you. Unless you don’t mind them being dimly lit.

So basically it depends on how much sunlight they are getting during the day time. What else do we know about solar powered lights that could effect how long they stay on? Well, we do know that they use batteries, so it also depends on how well charged they are.

Another major thing that it counts on is the size of the solar panel. Basically you can count on them being well lit and on for 10-12 hours. That’s more than all night which should satisfy anyone who uses these lights.

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